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Dissecting Sets

The action of dissecting a body or plant to study its internal parts.

"the dissection of animals for scientific research"

cutting up, cutting open, dismemberment

Very detailed analysis of a text or idea. “This dissection of modern relationships"

Dissection is the process of separating something into pieces. Whether the dissection involves taking a poem apart line-by-line to learn its meaning or cutting...

Surgical Microscope and/or a Basic Set of DISSECTION Instruments of high quality and at very low cost. The quality of the instruments used to prepare, cut and suture is of fundamental importance for every procedure during surgery, e.g. forceps, scissors,  curettes, probes of different angles fine tissue forceps, toothed and non toothed etc. we have 19 different departments for different surgical instruments. We love to produce high quality products for various surgical procedures.  

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