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A retractor is surgical instruments by which a surgeon can either actively separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or can hold back underlying organs.

Gynecological Instruments - OptiSpec Gynecology Light, Four-Way Expanders, Graves Product Description ... Eliminates the need to use both a speculum and lateral retractor. ... Compact light easily clips on to most common vaginal specula.


Hip Retractors. Minimal Incision Total Hip Retractors. Minimally Invasive Hip Retractors. Minimally Invasive Total Hip Surgery Retractors. Mueller-type 

Surgical instrument online design and manufacture traditional and cutting-edge cervical retractors for surgical procedures. Our patented, pivoting retractor.

To use the full space of the dissection cavity the retractor should be mounted at a ...There are several retractor types available used to the surgeon's preference.

Surgical grade retractors on this page are available from surgical instrument online to aid in many types of surgical procedures. We offer a complete line of retractors for surgery.

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