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Suture Instruments

OPHTHALMIC INSTRUMENTS • SHARPOINT Knives • SHARPOINT ... barbed suture introduced to the market. It completely eliminates the need to tie.

Gut sutures are the only materials still in use from ancient ...instruments are inserted into the abdominal cavity through narrow cannulas.

Suture instrument online are a suture discount distributor committed to providing you with knowledgeable, friendly customer service, and the lowest cost suture and surgical instruments available by the box or individual packet. ... *for educational, training operational and research use.

Instruments like needle holder, scalpel handle, different forceps and scissors etc in short 44 pieces different instruments are in suture set. The product range includes among other items surgical instruments for open or minimally invasive approaches, implants (e.g. for orthopedics, neurosurgery and spinal surgery), surgical sutures, sterile container, storage

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