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Dressing Instruments

Dressing Kit are frequently used in first aid and nursing, dressing is in direct contact with the wound. Our dressing kit contains all necessary tools.

Instrument tables and dressing tables are made of highest quality stainless steel. Tables are destined for storing surgical instruments and dressings. Dressing Kit 

Surgical Kits And Sets, Needle Holders, Artery Forceps; TC Instruments, Surgical Retractors, Surgical Scissors, General Surgical Instruments, Dressing Scissors.

Defix kidney tray, white. 1. Bowl, transparent, 120 ml. 1. Gauze swabs, plum size. 5. SUSI forceps Adson, sharp, 120 mm. 1. SUSI needle...

Dressing Forceps 8", 2. 19-1255, Tissue Forceps 1 x 2 Teeth 5 1/2", 2. 19-1280, Tissue Forceps 1 x 2 Teeth 8", 2. 21-8032, TC Mayo-hagar needle holder serrated 7"  

Surgical instrument online manufacturing and supplying various types of dressing instruments including forceps, tissue forceps, needle holders, stitch scissors etc.

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